Handmade Kalamkari shawl from Kashmir


Kalamkari shawlPure Pashmina  Handmade Kalamkari Shawl

Size: 210×100

Handwoven in Kashmir.

100% Pure Pashmina.

Guaranteed Authenticity.

Complimentary Luxury Gift Box.

With certificate.



Kalamkari shawlBeautiful Kalamkari Shawl

Kalamkari is one the most traditional art forms of Kashmir known for its extraordinary exquisite hand painting on the fabric. Kalamkari is an amalgamation of two words “kalam” means pen or brush and “kari” which means work. Together they form “kalamkari” which means work of pen/brush. The pens used in kalamkari art are specially crafted from the bamboo tree. The specialty of Kalamkari is that the artists only use natural dyes. There is a total of 23 steps in the process of hand painting the textile. Once the textile is ready after the weaving process, the fabric is mixed in a blend of milk and natural dyes. After that, with the help of special pens, the design is crafted on the fabric. The outcome of the kalamkari is very complicated with precise details


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