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A pure cashmere coat for women will compliment your elegant look, giving it style and sophistication. It is the perfect solution to make your outfit a little more expressive, formal and remarkable. You can match the pure cashmere coat with both proper and casual wear. It will add a touch of complexity and a sense of style. Also, you will feel extremely comfortable while wearing it.

The coats are made from the finest high-quality cashmere wool. Cashmere is one of the most luxurious and preferred natural fabrics. Pure cashmere coats can keep their shape long without stretching or fading.

Why buy pure cashmere coats from Shawls of Srinagar

We won’t lie if we tell you that in the making of women’s cashmere coats from Shawls of Srinagar, there is a dose of sentimentality and deep traditions hidden. Kashmiri artisans handcraft all our coats, and the craft is passed down from generation to generation. Crafted with love for you, pure cashmere coats are elegant woollen garments that should undoubtedly feature in your casual or formal outfits.

Women’s cashmere coats are available in a selected range of “nude” colours – beige, light beige and grey. This range of colours will fit beautifully into the style of your wardrobe. The fine craftsmanship of the coats makes them an elegant finishing touch to any outfit.

We offer you fast and secure delivery, ensuring that the coat will arrive to you in perfect condition. Remember that your order helps us preserve the traditions and craft of processing cashmere wool.

Pure cashmere coats are available in several trendy and stylish colours that you can match with any outfit. Immerse yourself in grace and elegance with these soft, dense, light and breathable coats. Take a look at our collection and discover more about Shawls of Srinagar.