Women’s Pashmina Shawl in Candy Pink


Color : Candy Pink
Material : 100% Pashmina
Manufacture : Hand-woven in Srinagar, Kashmir
Size : 200X70cm
Weight : 95 g
Care instructions : Hand wash carefully or Dry Cleaning

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Pashmina brings an incomparable feeling of softness, warmth, lightness and finesse.

Pashmina scarves are considered the most skillful craftsmanship in the world. The Cangthangi goat, from whose fur the scarves are made, is found at 4,500 meters above sea level in Ladakh, which makes the art of pashmina scarves even rarer and revered all over the world. It is no coincidence that the Kashmir Valley has been known for centuries.

It is suitable for any occasion – from a business meeting, to a pleasant ethereal feeling in the summer evenings and warm protection in the winter.

The scarf is hand-woven by Kashmiri masters based on a traditional craft passed down from generation to generation.
By purchasing this scarf, you will touch to the journey of an amazing craft, which through the narrow Himalayan passages of Kashmir, reaches you and luxury shops around the world

Warning: Once you feel the gentle touch of this scarf leads to addiction!